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KunShan Ergotech Mount Systems Co,.Ltd is your first choice.

    Tel:0086 512 81868898

Design Flexibility - Customer feedback gives us the ability to make changes "on the fly", (continuous improvement processes)



Complete Quality Assurance

 1. Quality Control from the raw material to finished product
 2. Professional SQC is available
 3. Strict procedure and system for quality assurance
 4. PQC making functional inspection at the rate of 5%
 5. 100% visual inspection on product and package prior to shipment

OEM Management

 1.Security protocol
 2.Sample confirmation
 3.Supply routes
 4.Trial production
 5.Mass production
 6.Packaged warehouse

ODM Management

 1.Security protocol
 2.Product demand(customer)
 5.Sample confirmation(customer)
 6.Supply routes
 7.Trial production
 8.Production test
 9.Mass production
 10.Packaged warehouse

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Office Add:Room 2816,Jingying international No.1 Building, Shimao plaza, Qianjing East Road No.289, kunshan City,Jiangsu Province
Factory Add:No.58, South of Xinxing Road, Economic Development Zone,KunShan City. 215333.

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